How important is creativity for an executive chef?

Being a chef is not only a physical challenge, but it also requires the constant use of creative muscles. Chefs are responsible for the operation of their kitchens, but also for constantly thinking of new innovative dishes that keep their guests interested. With so much creative pressure, we were curious to see how chefs are inspired by such a demanding industry. We asked three chefs with diverse culinary backgrounds how they stay tuned and come up with new dishes.

Since a head chef usually plans the menu for a restaurant or other establishment, some creativity is needed. A chef must be able to use ingredients in interesting and innovative ways, without creating dishes that discourage customers. A chef must be open to new ideas and suggestions. It's also important for the chef to be logical and have common sense.

It's possible to get too creative in the kitchen and let the menu get out of hand. Chefs need to know how many dishes are suitable for the size of the restaurant and how those dishes interact with each other. The first priority of leadership is to involve the right people, at the right time and in the right degree in creative work. That commitment begins when the leader reformulates the role of employees.

Rather than simply rolling up their sleeves and executing a top-down strategy, employees should bring their imaginations. As Cook said, “traditional management prioritizes projects and assigns people to them. But increasingly, managers are not the source of the idea.

Samuel Rockhill
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