How important is menu development for an executive chef?

As chefs develop new dishes for their menu, it's important that they price each ingredient to make sure their vision makes sense. Menu development: to ensure that the menus are accurate, up-to-date and cost-effective. If there is a wine sommelier, they will work together to develop a food and wine strategy. There is a misconception that I spend my time cooking the food that is sent to customers, but the truth is, with the exception of the research and design of the dishes on the menu.

I coordinate everything from ordering and delivering products to scheduling staff. Also included are customer relationships, staff training, maximizing workflow and time efficiency, maintaining the cost of food to maintain a better profit and loss ratio while ensuring menu consistency. I also work with social networks and the press to create excitement about the restaurant and to be the image of the restaurant. Since the availability of quality products plays a huge role in the success of a menu, chefs should consult their suppliers to ensure that they can deliver the ingredients that chefs will need for the new menu during the days they will need them.

Chefs should ensure that they create menu dishes that their employees already know how to execute or that they can learn to prepare easily.

Samuel Rockhill
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