How important is multitasking for an executive chef?

It's always easy in the kitchen, and being able to stay calm while completing various tasks is a feature you'll find in all the best chefs in the world. It's a skill to be able to manage hundreds of small tasks at once and, at the same time, complete the biggest task of all: keeping customers happy. Since multitasking in a busy kitchen is a given, it's imperative to prepare before a shift. By cutting vegetables into cubes, measuring ingredients and preparing components, such as sauces, in advance, you can create organized workstations that are ready to shine when the service begins.

This means that when orders arrive, the team only has to focus on preparing the final dish. Executive bakers are leaders in the kitchen and must also balance the creative and detail-oriented aspects of their work with a wide range of technical and administrative tasks. Having strong culinary and management skills is a top priority when hiring an executive pastry chef, but it's also necessary to hire a chef who is actively involved in creating a positive experience for members and who is willing to provide a high level of customer service. The role of an executive pastry chef isn't easy, as they work long hours in an environment that can be fast-paced and stressful.

An executive pastry chef at a country club must be hardworking, dedicated to the trade and willing to do the work to learn the profession. Things will go wrong or not go as planned at times; at such times, an executive pastry chef must be able to adapt, think quickly and remain calm in the face of pressure, while finding a solution. More than just making impressive desserts, executive pastry chefs are a vital part of any country club's culinary team. However, crucial skills and qualities must be taken into account when hiring an executive pastry chef that can play a vital role in making a club kitchen a success.

Much of what a club should look for when hiring an executive pastry chef won't appear on their resume.

Samuel Rockhill
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