What qualifies you as an executive chef?

An executive chef is the head of a restaurant's entire kitchen operation. Executive chefs manage inventory, budget, menu planning, training, dishes, and all kitchen staff, from subchefs to dishwashers. They ensure the high level of food quality and that the service works smoothly and efficiently. Executive chefs are the highest level of management in the kitchen and are ultimately responsible for their success or failure.

An executive chef holds the most important position in the kitchen and is in charge of everything from managing staff to designing recipes and menus. When hiring an executive chef, it's critical to find a candidate who has the culinary experience, leadership skills, and business acumen needed to run an effective kitchen. The experience, calm and leadership skills that an executive chef should have can only be acquired through years of experience. Executive chefs exhibit equal experience and academic discipline in their roles as head cooks.

Remember that every employer is different and each one will have unique qualifications when you hire for an executive chef position. If you know the salary range, it's useful to include it so that executive chefs can determine if it fits their financial needs. With this executive chef job description example, you can get a good idea of what employers are looking for when hiring for this position. Successful executive chefs exhibit a number of traits that facilitate performance in the range of disciplines inherent to the position.

If your executive chef just delivered his two-week notice, you'll probably want to hire a qualified candidate quickly. Many executive chefs work for years as sub-chefs, line cooks, and even kitchen assistants to acquire the required skill level. Job descriptions vary slightly depending on specific kitchen environments, but the basics remain universal in most executive chef jobs. The ability to motivate and inspire line cooks to perform at a high level is an intangible attribute that an executive chef should possess.

You can edit this sample executive chef job description to adapt it to your hiring needs, so that you can start your hiring process as soon as possible. It's not uncommon for an executive chef to work on inventory, ordering, training, and menu planning throughout the day, and then working in the kitchen throughout the night. The executive chef attracts and retains staff, maintains a cooperative relationship with team members, optimizes staff productivity, and acts as a substitute in the absence of team members. Executive chefs are also entrepreneurs who manage orders, staff and budgeting to maintain profit margins.

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